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At Château les Beaulne we want to share the wealth of the estate! Discover the beauty that surrounds the forests and lakes of Quebec. Often our clients tell us that every day spent with us is a cultural learning experience.  and back to basics. We allow you to connect with nature so that you have a great time during your stay. Our mission is therefore to satisfy you during each of the days that you will spend at our estate. Whether through outdoor activities, relaxation, or simply getting away from it all, each of our cabins will find a way to meet your family's needs.


Nature and family are the fundamental values of the estate, for decades our cottages have allowed our customers to meet up with family or friends. The source of these wonderful encounters comes from the harmonic environment  in which our domain has the honor of being and maintaining every year. Nature is put forward everywhere on the site and creates memorable discoveries.


A message from Mr. Beaulne: "I grew up on a farm without electricity  in Montpellier  and when I left to go to work in town, I always felt the need to go fishing, water skiing or cross-country skiing on the weekends. It allowed me to stay in shape, to come back to the office with an empty head, but above all to reconnect with my nature.  Lac Vert was and still is today where I see my family, laugh, do my experiences, keep myself in shape and discover. For me and my family, the estate has become more than a place, it has literally become a member of our family. This is where I taught my son and grandchildren how to water ski and fish. As we have seen for decades now, it is also the case for many of our customers who come from father to son. Lastly, I hope to see you discover your Lac Vert! "


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