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Château les Beaulne is actually a former monastery located on the mountainside and overlooking Lac Vert, in the Petite-Nation, in the heart of the wild beauty of the Outaouais. Stretching over 165 acres of forests and lakes, the Château les Beaulne estate is home to nine cottages, built in prime locations. Indeed, they will give you both access to our multitude of services, but are sufficiently well hidden to guarantee you peace and tranquility. You can also indulge in many activities in the heart of nature, such as hikes and walks on the lake, or simply relax in the comfort of our establishments, far from all the irritants of everyday life.


Kilometers of hiking trails will allow you to discover the full extent of our spectacular domain, breathing in the great forest air, while the gentle lake breeze will come to envelop you in its bewitching caress, while you discreetly break the surface of the water from your paddle.


To escape 
and make discoveries


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"Château les Beaulne" changed vocation a few times before becoming what it is today. In the middle of the century, this opulent residence served as a residence for the White Fathers, missionaries in Africa.

It was the latter who built "the castle" in 1955. They had first begun in the 1920s with the acquisition of 50 acres of land and a hunting lodge on the edge of the bay. Later, in the 1930s, they built other cottages on the estate, as well as a dormitory, a cafeteria, and a chapel. This made it possible to receive the seminarians. A few years later, they purchased 62 acres of land to erect the main building. This one, a manor house, with 15 rooms, welcomed the elderly missionaries, returning from Africa. At the height of its occupation, there were 12 fathers in residence there.

The vocation of missionary being in decline towards the end of the sixties, the fathers then decided to open a holiday camp for young people. This colony administered by the fathers and occupied all the buildings except the castle. During the seventies, the administration of the colony was entrusted to lay people. In 1978, unreliable management on their part forced the landlords, administrators of the summer camp to hand everything over to the fathers. Shortly after, they put the estate up for sale.

After a few visits, André Beaulne and Nicole Lanthier, the current owners, acquired the estate on March 20, 1980. They named it "Domaine des Pères du Lac Vert" and turned it into an inn with 15 rooms.

In the early 1990s, the recession affected the area's traffic. The clientele became rarer, and the owners had to make a decision, close or renovate, while giving another orientation. The renovation was decided, which began in autumn 1992; certain rooms were transformed into treatment rooms, then a bathroom was added to each of the rooms. A glass roof was built for the dining room, the living room, and the spa. On January 15, the health center was born. It bore the name of: "Château les Beaulne"

The health center and hostel division was open until 2002 due to new government requirements. The owners and the family therefore, made the decision to close the inn and keep it for personal use. However, the cottage division was kept and even increased with the recent additions of the Chapel and the Chalet chez ma tante.

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When you are at the estate, you find yourself in connection with true nature. You wake up to the song of birds, you find yourself in the heart of a haven of peace. We reconnect with nature, we regenerate our energies, we explore on the different islands and trails, we rest.  


Our clientele comes back year after year and often stays for more than two weeks. There are couples, young families or grandparents and over the years friendships are created. The family values shared all around the estate will allow you to rest while remaining active.

The estate is a bubble of happiness!

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